TD-Mixvent Series Multi-Purpose Inline 8" Duct Fan (538 CFM) - Plastic Blade
TD-Mixvent Series Multi-Purpose Inline 8
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Model: SP-TD200
Brand: S & P
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Speed control -rotary type - 5 Amps ( $25.50 )
Wall Mounted Dehumidstat - 7.5 Amps ( $35.70 )
Electronic push button timer -10-20-30-60 min ( $70.38 )
Speed control slide type - 5 Amps ( $69.36 )
8" Y sheet metal adapter ( $24.48 )
8" Filtration Box ( $145.86 )
8 inch Plastic Interior Adjustable Round Grill ( $29.07 )
8 inch plastic louver shutter ( $54.06 )
8 inch Flexible insulated round duct -25 ft ( $87.21 )
Sound Attenuator (silencer) for 8 inch duct ( $188.70 )
8 inch TD connection inline backdraft damper ( $79.07 )
8 inch Aluminum Exterior Fixed Grille ( $19.38 )
Programmable Fan Timer (See Description Below) ( $88.74 )
Ventilation Control (See Description Below) ( $175.95 )
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*IMPORTANT: If venting in an non-insulated attic space, or in a cold climate, insulated flexible duct is strongly recommended for condensation issues.

The TD-Mixvent series of in-line duct fans have been specially designed to maximize the airflow performance with minimal noise levels within the smallest and most compact of casing sizes. This makes it the ultimate solution for small to medium sized ventilation installations which require a high air-flow to pressure ratio and occupy only the minimum space possible. Example: false ceiling voids, cupboards and many other limited space environments. All models include a "removable body" feature that enables the motor-impeller assembly to be completely removed or replaced without the need to interfere with the attached ducting. The TD fans are ideally suited for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial exhaust and intake ventilation applications. Typical applications would include the following.


  • Bathrooms
  • Warm or Cool Air Transfer
  • Kitchen Range Hoods
  • Utility Rooms


  • Locker Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Offices
  • Make-Up Air Applications


  • Welding Fume Extraction
  • Spot Ventilation
  • Equipment Cooling
  • Workshops & Smoking Areas


Models are manufactured in tough reinforced plastic, the fan duct connection flanges are manufactured from reinforced plastic.


The impeller blades are molded in tough ABS plastic.


Model 100x is Single-phase, 120V 60Hz, shaded pole induction asynchronous motor in die cast aluminum. All motors include direct two speed connection and are also suitable for voltage speed control.

  • Class 1 electrical insulation
  • IP 44 Protection
  • Class B Motor Insulation
  • Safety auto reset Thermal Overload Protection (fuse type)
  • Self-lubricating sleeve bearings.
  • Suitable for working airstreams up to 104° F (40°C).

FT622 ASHRAE 62.2 Bath Fan Ventilation Control - The FT622 is designed to replace bathroom fan and light switches and provide both functions with one easy operation. By using a microprocessor to monitor and control operation, the FT622 delivers a precise amount of ventilation, and is a simple solution to meet ASHRAE 62.2 in conjunction with the TD-Mixvent or PC Premium Choice Fan. There are two settings on the control, Ventilation and Delay. The Ventilation setting allows the user to set the number of minutes per hour the fan should run. The Delay setting allows the user to set the number of minutes the fan should run after the bathroom light has been turned off. The Delay setting provides additional run time for the fan to complete the remaining necessary ventilation after use.

FT247 PROGRAMMABLE FAN TIMER - The FT247 offers easy programming for your bathroom fan ventilation needs. Simply set what time you want the fan to turn on and off and what day or days you want the fan to run. It is recommended to use the FT247 with a TD-Mixfent Fan or PC Premium Choice Fan.

  • Provides 7 ON and 7 OFF events per day
  • LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery back-up
  • Push button activation
  • Note: Do not use with fluorescent lamp ballasts
NOTE**Sound characteristics
Fan sound levels are measured in sones. At this time there are no sone level test standards available through HVI due to the fact that remote mounted fan noise levels are in proportion to the following: type of duct, length of duct, fan distance from the intake source and other miscellaneous factors. However, it is generally accepted that remote mounted venting is usually quieter than standard (in room) venting.

TYPE = In-Line CFM HIGH= 538 VOLTAGE = 120
WEIGHT (lbs) = 10 DUCT DIA. = 8" RPM HIGH = 2,781

*Performance certified is for installation type D-Ducted inlet, Ducted outlet. Performance ratings do not include the effect of appurtenances(accessories). Speed (RPM or RPS) shown is nominal. Performance is based on actual speed of test.


X = 9 1/8
A = 19 11/16
B = 8 9/16
C = 5 9/16
D = 7 13/16
E = 4 7/8
F = 5 1/2
G = 3 15/16
H = 3 11/16


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