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Americans use their barns for any number of tasks, from drying hay to housing cattle. Barns are essential because they provide shelter and security–important elements of running a successful operation. Where they often fail, however, is in temperature control, particularly during sweltering summer months when the hot air has no way to escape.

This is why a growing number of farmers have begun investing in professional-grade barn fans for their livestock. If you’ve never seen such a device before, it operates according to an extremely simple principle: when hot air is expelled, cooler air takes its place. This simple method of climate control can be nothing less than a godsend if you do not relish the thought of paying hundreds each month for pricey A/C.

Barn Fans: More Than Temperature

Of course, barn fans do far more than keep the building cool. Many of the finest designs also allow fresh air to circulate throughout the year and in every season, ensuring your livestock and crops enjoy a consistent level of humidity. Many of the finest barn fans are designed expressly to be installed in a slanted wall, offering you countless choices for wiring, mounting assemblies and more.

Barn fans have long been considered essential for farmers looking to maintain order in their operations. Look around the site if you want to learn more about the specs, materials and warranties associated with all these products. If you have questions, please do not hesitate ask for information via phone at 1-866-727-1060 or by email at