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3 Important Ventilator Tips You Need to Know for Silos

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Ensuring the proper operation of the fans and blowers in your silo ventilation system is essential for the preservation of the stored grain. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that these three tips are met for the ventilators in your silos throughout the growing season. 

1. Periodically check the temperature of your grain.

Automatic grain thermometers only measure the temperature of the grain around the piece of equipment. In order to get a more accurate reading of the grain, take the temperature by hand and insert the thermometer attached to a long pole into the grain instead. In this way, you'll have a clearer picture when to run your ventilating fans.

2. Distribute phosphine gas fumigation with a small fan.

Another option is using confined space fans when fumigating your silo. This may help perform this task faster and more efficiently then waiting two to five days to complete the treatment in the entire silo.

3. Seek out expert advice for the proper fan or blower sizing for your silo.

When buying a new fan, it is always a good idea to obtain expert advice from an experienced farm hand first so that you can rest with the peace of mind that the grain is being adequately ventilated for maximum nutrition, longer shelf life, and overall less profit loss from your bottom line. Don't have that luxury? Our team at Industrial Fans Direct can help you with a simple phone call.

Having a game plan for your ventilation system makes a big difference for the success of your grain in your silos. To learn more about our pneumatic fans, high-powered fans, explosion proof fans, confined space blowers and more by contacting us today at 866-727-1060, or visit our online fan catalog now!

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