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4 Ways Schools Can Benefit from Commercial Circulation Fans

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4 Ways Schools Can Benefit from Commercial Circulation Fans

Too often air circulation fans are an overlooked merit in the public school system. Besides the more obvious benefits, public schools, colleges, and similar institutional environments can experience similar benefits with improved air circulation. These results ultimately translate to an improved HVAC system, but can also be duplicated with simple air circulator fan applications. Below are a few examples of improvements that schools can benefit from with cooling fan additions.

1. Schools can observe reduced student absences.

A study revealed in 2013 that the improved ventilation in California schools had impacted their student absence rates, thereby improving material recall and overall learning benefit for the same.

2. Student athletes can perform with greater comfort and safety.

Applying a circulation fan to gymnasiums helps to improve the overall air quality for young athletes and directly impact their performance.

3. Commercial cooling fans produce less noise and improve study times.

Switching from consumer to commercial circulation fans provides better efficiency and noise control, which provides the ideal environment for study rooms, classrooms, and libraries.

4. Schools experience greater energy efficiency.

Increased air circulation in schools coincides with the reduced need for HVAC repairs and supports school budgets in other areas. The remarkable simplicity of applying cooling fans to school rooms may also help reduce electricity consumption of more expensive cooling options and reduce the carbon footprint for same.

If your school is in need of improved air ventilation, they may need to apply air circulation fans in their rooms. Industrial Fans Direct provides professional cooling solutions through their standing fans, oscillating fans, wall mounted fans, and more. Contact us today on our website for more information and find out which cooling fan will work for your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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