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College / Professional Sports and Cooling Fans


NFL Training Camp is quickly approaching, as are practice programs for college football teams. What’s more is that MLS soccer is currently underway and summer league NBA basketball recently began. One commonality they all share is that they are either played outdoors or in small, enclosed gyms – in the scorching summer heat.

Discomfort from the heat is one thing, but an even greater threat to athletes is the potential danger that physical activity in high heat conditions can cause. Heat stroke is often responsible for killing athletes each year. While it’s most synonymous with football, it could happen to any outdoor or indoor summer athlete. That’s why it’s important for college and professional sports teams to have the proper cooling mechanisms in place on the sidelines and benches of their sports venues. Doing so not only helps make athletes more comfortable, but it could also save their lives.

In terms of sports cooling, there are three varieties of fans to pay close attention to: high velocity, portable cooling and circulating. High velocity fans are ideal for cooling large areas, which makes them suitable on the football sidelines, as football teams tend to have dozens of players on the sidelines at a time. Other options like circulating fans and portable cooling fans still provide the same cooling effect, but are better utilized for smaller, more confined areas due to their smaller footprint, comparatively speaking.

Sports are supposed to be fun, both for the spectators and the athletes who are playing on the court or the field. And just like the old saying: “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” That’s why cooling should be a safety priority this summer and fall on the gridiron, field and basketball courts – it helps promote a safe game. Contact for more information today.

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