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Oscillating Fans In The Workplace

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On a hot, muggy or humid day, a little bit of air circulation can make a big difference in terms of comfort. Many of us accomplish this through central air conditioning, while either it be at the office or at home. But larger, more unique workplaces such as the gym, bakery or warehouse have a tendency to get hot and stay hot, making central air conditioning inefficient in terms of a cooling source. That’s where oscillating fans come into play. These simple and common types of fans are often run on a single electronic motor, circulating air in the immediate space where they’re placed. From wall mount fans to pedestal fans, oscillating fans are typically designed so that they pivot, thereby allowing them to cool more of the area around you, rather than emitting a direct blast of air movement.

Simply put, oscillating fans work to keep the air moving in any given environment and come in sizes small enough to fit on a desktop and sizes large enough to stand in the corner of a room for cooling purposes. They’re ideal in hot, stuffy environments – notably during the dog days of summer – where central air conditioning is either ineffective or unavailable. Here’s some more info on oscillating fans:

  • Cost effective: Oscillating fans are quite inexpensive considering the cooling effect they acheive in most work and home environments.
  • Portable: A big benefit of oscillating fans is their portability. Such devices can be literally picked up and transported with ease, for cooling purposes just about anywhere. And they don’t take up much floor – or desk – space, so you won’t be tripping over them.
  • Variety: We’ve already mentioned how these come in various different styles and varieties, but it’s worth mentioning again. You can purchase oscillating fans just a few inches big or oscillating fans a few feet tall, for whatever your needs are.

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