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Explosion Proof Fans In Petroleum Dispensing Areas


In certain environments, it’s essential to have ventilation and exhaust fans that are explosion proof. One example of such a hazardous location is a petroleum dispensing area, where workers are handling delicate materials that have the potential to explode, not just from a materials standpoint, but also based on the contaminants that may be in the air. These dangerous areas need to be sure that they’re equipped with explosion proof ventilation, circulation and exhaust fan(s) to ensure worker safety, as well as prevent damage to the facility itself that could result from an explosion.

Just as you’re advised to turn off your engine, stop smoking and not talk on your cell phone while you’re at a gas pump, industrial facilities often follow the similar codes of safety to ensure that workers are intrinsically safe. A petroleum dispensing facility, for instance, has a plethora of flammable gasses, vapors and other airborne particles within the facility that could light up if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Hence, aside from making sure that fans are explosion proof, such facilities need to make sure that air is circulating frequently enough so that workers aren’t breathing in potentially harmful chemicals. That’s where the right ventilation fans and exhaust fans are essential, compared to a non hazardous location.

Such explosion proof fans, which are designed for these hazardous locations, incorporate spark proof technology in their construction (spark proof fan blades, motors, etc), which work to greatly minimize any sparking. Included in this construction are materials that also minimize this from happening. They’re a necessity for hazardous environments in terms of keeping the air quality at safe levels and ensuring that ventilation and exhaust fans don’t spark as they’re working to keep the area safe.

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