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Ventilation Fans In Hospitals

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The right ventilation in a hospital, notably an operating room, or OR, is crucial. In fact, indoor air quality if perhaps none more crucial in such a medical environment that often treats patients with life threatening situations. Hence, ventilation requirements are recommended by the American Hospital Association and all hospitals must have certain ventilation standards set in place. Why? Because in the OR, all devices need to remain sterile to best avoid complications during surgery. Think about it – even the surgeons and nurses in the OR are required to wear special masks, gloves and scrubs to minimize the spread of bacteria and germs. So in order to keep surgical instruments and other devices free of bacteria and prevent the air from becoming stagnant, the right ventilation, circulation and fan(s) are necessary to decontaminate and make-up air in the area.

One type of fan that’s popular in hospital environments is the laminar fan, which keeps air circulating up to 300 times per hour. Not only does this help prevent bacteria from depositing on surgical instruments, thereby minimizing the risk of post operation infection, but it also helps minimize dust build up in the operating room of a medical facility.

Another system recommended for use in the OR and other areas of the hospital by the American Hospital Association is exhaust fans – but not just any exhaust fan, a disinfectant exhaust fan. Such fans help keep the environment bacteria and contaminant free, as the disinfectant works to kill any bacteria.

Fans should also be installed and applied in the OR in a way that directs air flow which may carry contaminated air away from the operating table.

When you’re dealing with a potential life or death situation, as is the case in many operating rooms, the last thing you want to have to worry about is proper ventilation, exhaust and circulation.

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