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Confined Space Blowers and Manhole Work

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Industrial jobs aren’t just confined to the factory. No, there are tunnels, tanks, manholes and other tight spaces that you have to squeeze into from time to time to accomplish a task. And while you’re working in these types of situations, it’s just as important to make sure that you’re working in a safe environment with viable and reliable equipment.

That’s where confined space blowers come into play, as they help keep harmful gases and toxins, which are often present in manholes, away so you can finish the job safely and with good ventilation in spaces which offer limited entry and exit points and poor natural ventilation. Generally speaking, blowers move airflow, while also creating a more comfortable workplace environment. Many confined blowers come in axial and centrifugal varieties, and some models even include ducting extensions. And although they’re confined and small, such blowers are still powerful, with outputs of several thousand CFM.

So what makes confined space blowers a good solution for working conditions like manholes? Well for one, they’re typically small and compact, enabling them to fit into small, tight spaces and making them easy to transport. Secondly, many come battery-powered, gasoline-powered or even air-driven, because it’s likely that you won’t be privy to an electrical outlet while working in a manhole. And third and perhaps most important, if you’re working in a manhole, there’s bound to be hazardous chemicals, pollutants and potentially flammable toxins in the air. Utilizing a confined blower will move poor air out of the environment, while populating it with good air – all while creating a more comfortable environment for the professional and meeting government regulations in the meantime. This removal of poor air can be removed quickly and effectively, creating a much more tolerable working environment and thereby enhancing employee productivity.

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