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Agriculture Benefits From Air Movement

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When you think about the agriculture industry, such as raising animals like cows, chickens and pigs, you probably think about the various byproducts that each animal affords us and not things like animal comfort and productivity. However, animals aren’t much different from humans in this case – unless they are comfortable and properly taken care of, it can greatly impact their feeding habits, health and their productivity, all factors which jeopardize their output.

Yes, taking care of the animals is important. And that’s where fans (both exhaust and circulating) come into play in the agriculture industry. For instance, if cows aren’t properly cooled during the dog days of summer, they can suffer from heat stress, which limits their food intake and greatly impacts their productivity. However, if the animal is cool and comfortable, it’s another story.

Here are some measures you can take to ensure that your animals are cool and comfortable in your agricultural environment:

Low-volume high speed (LVHS) and high-volume high speed (HVHS) fans are ideal for cooling animals, especially if they’re strategically arranged to assist with directional air movement. Such fans are best if installed over the animal’s holding area.
• Consider using exhaust and circulation fans with water misting to further cool the animals and maximize their comfort.
• Use any natural ventilation on the property to your advantage and map out your placement of exhaust and circulation fans accordingly. If you can combine fans with natural ventilation, you can help lower your electrical costs and make operations more efficient.

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