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How Do Ceiling Fans Help in the Work Place?

Industrial The Workplace

The warehouse is not the same as the office. No, this is industrial work, where heavy machinery is operated and employees work around the clock (three shifts) in some environments. One way their different from a more traditional office environment is in how they’re cooled. There’s likely to be central air conditioning in an office, but in a warehouse – not so much. Warehouses are large work environments and cooling them with central air is often unrealistic in terms of cost. That’s where ceiling fans come into play.

Industrial ceiling fans are made to last so that workers stay comfortable in the hot summer. They work by circulating air and regulating airflow, so workers don’t become overheated. Aside from air circulation, here’s some of the other benefits to ceiling fans in industrial environments:

Powerful: Some heavy-duty ceiling fan models feature powerful enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) to cool large areas of warehouses or gymnasiums.
Design: Powerful, efficient motors, metal construction and waterproof electrical housing ensure that ceiling fans are well-made and require minimal maintenance over their lifetimes.

We already mentioned the cost savings of cooling a large space compared to air conditioning, but ceiling fans are better for the environment, to boot.

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