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The Whole House Fan: A Worthwhile Investment?

The Home

Whole house fans not only make houses and buildings more comfortable, they also safeguard your health by providing ventilation, cooling, and fresh air. Most houses are designed to be heated and cooled through a central heat and air system. They’re built to be airtight, with fresh air entering only through a mechanized system or by accident. Open windows and doors, cracks, leaks, and holes are responsible for most of the fresh outdoor air building occupants breathe when HVAC systems are in use.

Stale air could very well be the culprit for a number of health complaints from homeowners, office workers, and anyone who stays indoors for a prolonged period of time. Problems can arise from heat, mold, mildew, dust, and lack of clean air. Some of the symptoms include headaches, drowsiness, and respiratory problems. Most people are healthier when supplied with a direct source of fresh air from attic vents and open windows. Using a whole house exhaust fan ventilates and cools by drawing outdoor air into a home or building and exhausting stale air out in a ratio that’s healthy for building occupants.

Not only is ventilation good for your health, it’s also good for your house. Poor ventilation can cause attic temperatures to reach 160 degrees F or higher, which can reduce the structural integrity of a building, ruin insulation, destroy shingles, cause mold and mildew, and raise energy bills. Given that most homeowners view their homes as investments, it’s fair to say that proper ventilation can add value to a home (or, that poor ventilation can reduce the value of a home).


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