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Inline Explosion-Proof Fans

Explosion Proof Industrial

Inline duct fans are installed in remote locations to boost airflow and provide ventilation. They’re accessed by air ducts and allow noise reduction for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They can be operated manually, or they can be installed with automatic controls. Inline fans come in single and multi-port models to provide ventilation for home, office, and industry.

Inline explosion proof exhaust fans are required for industrial applications where dust, fumes, flammable fibers, and other ignitable materials are used. They are used when ventilation is necessary in small spaces or when space is at a premium, and many local, state, and federal environmental and safety regulators require them. Explosion-proof fans are manufactured within specific parameters to help prevent fires and explosions from objects coming in contact with fan blades and housing.

Inline duct fans and tube axial fans (which are both explosion-proof) can be used to exhaust or supply air, depending on need. Tube axial fans vent garages, paint booths, and any other area in which static pressure is involved. Duct fans can be used in food service, locker rooms, welding, and equipment cooling.

Though the term explosion-proof is used industry-wide, these fans are not capable of preventing every type of explosion in industrial environments. They are considered explosion-resistant in terms of function and safety.

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