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Paint Booth Safety

Explosion Proof Industrial The Workplace

Paint booths (or spray booths) can reduce risk of fire or explosion. They also keep workers and the environment safe from fumes that degrade the ozone layer and make people sick; however, paint booths can only offer safety controls if used properly. It is important to take the proper safety precautions before beginning a project or working with paints.

  • Before considering paint booth work, you must obtain a permit from local authorities or the EPA. Check on regulations concerning the use of high-velocity, low-pressure spray guns.
  •   If you’re at work using a paint booth, be sure you have the consent of your supervisor before beginning.
  • Find out about safety precautions and what to do in case of an accident or emergency.
  • Wear a face respirator or battery-powered air supply respirator if needed.
  • Do not begin work in a paint booth unless it has an explosion-proof fan. This type of ventilation fan is built for environments where explosive or flammable vapors, fibers, and/or gases are present. They are also used in chemical plants and agricultural processing facilities.
  • Anything connected to the spray booth should be explosion-proof, including lighting, the electric panel, and electric wiring.
  • DO NOT use extension cords in or around the spray booth.
  • Check booth filters regularly, according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Always check with local authorities (EPA, fire department, etc.) on environmental safety before using combustible materials and equipment.

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