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Evaporative Cooling: A Great Way to Go Green

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Evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) can help homeowners, business owners, and industry professionals by keeping building occupants cool. Evaporative cooling increases humidity, improving the breathability of the air. It offers cooling and air filtration in one unit, as it pushes air through a layer of padding. The padding acts as a filter, removing certain contaminants from the air—especially those that can cause allergies. Swamp coolers also filter odors, making indoor work and leisure more enjoyable.

Evaporative cooling technology can expose building occupants to fresh air throughout the day. Unlike central air conditioning units, evaporative coolers don’t require a building to be sealed when in use. In fact, there should be at least one door or window open for proper ventilation. Breathing fresh air can make people healthier and more alert throughout the day.

Swamp coolers make sense if you want to save energy, considering that over half of A/C-cooled building energy bills result from cooling costs. In U.S. homes alone, air conditioning accounts for up to five percent of total annual electrical output. Imagine what the cost would be for commercial buildings and industrial facilities if air conditioning were the only option! Consider a ducted or portable evaporative cooler for Freon-free cooling that uses 75 percent less energy than A/C.

Important: Check and change evaporative cooler pads according to manufacturer recommendations to keep indoor air clean. Toxins, odors, and minerals can build up in padding, causing indoor contamination. Keep electronic equipment, books, paper, and fragile wood away from cooler vents to prevent damage from excess humidity.

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