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Industrial Evaporative Cooling: It’s Not Just for Homes

Industrial The Workplace

There is wide array of industrial evaporative cooling units (or swamp coolers) on the market today. Swamp coolers are becoming more and more popular, especially when business owners and industry professionals recognize the value of efficient, low-cost cooling with low environmental impact. They are often used in commercial kitchens, dry cleaning facilities, industrial plants, warehouse/loading docks, construction, sports arenas, garages, and animal facilities to control heat.

Adequate cooling is crucial in commercial and industrial settings where workers are exposed to heat. High temperatures can make workers feel uncomfortable, and high heat can be be dangerous. Extreme heat can cause a myriad of physical complaints, from headaches and dizziness to full-blown heat exhaustion. Heat can also cause workers to feel lethargic, which makes them more likely to make mistakes that can slow production, or worse, lead to serious accidents.

The good news is that cooling doesn’t have to break the bank. A swamp cooler can make a room feel as much as 20 degrees cooler, and they come in a models that suit most any application:

  • Portable evaporative coolers are great for home and office.
  • Industrial-sized coolers work in a number of commercial settings.
  • Ducted evaporative cooling allows a whole building to be cooled by pushing cool air into ducts, then into rooms. This method can be more efficient than central air conditioning and costs much less to operate.
  • Evaporative cooling towers work to cool water, rather than air. They are used in large-scale industry.
  • Misting systems spray a fine micro-mist on targeted areas. Water droplets are so small that they instantly evaporate on surfaces, making them cooler. They are used in kennels, zoos, veterinary clinics, and greenhouses.

All types of evaporative coolers work best in temperatures above eighty degrees F with humidity below 30 percent.

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