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Industrial Circulating Fans and the Bottom Line


An air circulating fan can help improve a business, both for the people getting paid and the people signing the paychecks. Fans keep workers safe and comfortable, save energy output and money, and help operators stay in compliance. The right type and size of fan will create just the right level of wind chill to keep employees content and focused on work.

Employee productivity
Comfortable workers are more productive and less prone to feeling the sluggishness associated with high levels of heat and humidity. Fan cooling also keeps workers safe by helping them feel alert. A focused employee is better able to avoid mistakes than one who’s worn out from the heat. Productive and safe workers equal higher output and profit margins.

The Bottom Line
Fans help businesses and industries save money by moving massive amounts of air within a large space to provide energy efficient cooling. In hot and humid climates, fans can keep A/C energy costs down. Using fans makes workers feel cooler, reducing the overall load of A/C units. A temperature offset of just three degrees can provide huge savings, especially in large operations.

Fans can be used alone during cooler summers, leaving more profit for the bottom line. They save on heating bills as well—in colder months and climates, fans help move warm air around a room, making a furnace more efficient at heating. New businesses can take advantage of fans for heating and cooling with installation at the outset of operation. In some cases, A/C and ductwork are completely unnecessary with the use of fans.

Environmental and Safety Compliance
Fan cooling also helps commercial and industrial operators meet local, state, and federal guidelines for environmental and employee safety. Circulating fans used with open windows and doors are emission-free ventilation. They use one-tenth of the energy of A/C to keep employees cool enough to work safely, and they make the most sense when it comes to green operations. Look for the Energy Star® label on fans. Energy Star®-rated fans move air 20 percent more efficiently over standard models.

Finding the Right Dealer
To save money and make the right choice for your operation, find a reliable vendor of effective, aerodynamic fans. A good supplier can provide (1) a variety of fans based on commercial or industrial application, (2) helpful information on sizing and installation, and (3) fans that are tested for compliance to keep workers safe.

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