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Conserving Energy for Homeowners

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With the rising costs of energy and living expenses, it’s especially important to know where to find homeowner savings. Sometimes, all it takes to change the way homeowners power their homes and consume vital resources are a few low-cost investments and a little time. Here are some ways to increase energy efficiency and save homeowners money:

  • Plant trees and shrubs or install fencing in strategic locations to provide shade for the home.
  • Use window treatments to block light and heat.
  • Install protective awnings.
  • Consider light colors for roofing to reflect the sun and keep solar energy from over-heating the home.
  • Add insulation to the attic to buffer heat.
  • Open windows and doors to make the most of cross-ventilation.
  • Make the most of air circulator fans, whole house fans, or evaporative coolers. Fans can be used in conjunction with A/C or alone to cool homes on the hottest days. In humid regions, running the A/C during the day and then a whole house fan at night harnesses cooler evening air for comfort. In cooler climates, whole house fans are often used in place of A/C.
  • Circulating fans (ceiling fans, table fans, mounted fans, wall fans, and floor fans) make the surrounding air feel cooler by moving the air around and promoting evaporative cooling.
  • Use spot exhaust in bathrooms and kitchens to vent excess heat, humidity, and odor from the home.

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