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Facts About Bathroom Fans

The Home

It’s important to know some facts about bathroom exhaust ventilation before making a decision on fan installation or replacement. Here are some facts:

  • Bathroom fans help maintain the structural integrity of a house by removing excess humidity that can encourage mold and rot.
  • In bathrooms with windows, it is still important to install an operational exhaust system.
  • The most common bath fan is a propeller or axial fan. A propeller exhaust fan can move large amounts of air without the requirement of tremendous force.
  • Centrifugal fans uses centrifugal force to push air out of a space. They are more expensive than axial fans but can be more effective at air movement.
  • In houses and buildings, bathroom fans ventilation ducts can run through the attic and roof. Fans can also be exhausted through walls.
  • Four inch vent ducts can easily fit into a joist-bay. If a duct must pass a joist, avoid cutting through the joist. Use the space directly under the joist.
  • In new construction, bathroom fans are usually a given. In many older homes, fans are either absent or retro-fitted.

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