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The Benefits Of Ventilation In The Home

The Home

We always hear about how important it is to have good ventilation inside our homes, but do you really know how important it is?

Fact: Some 40 million homes have been built in North America dating back to the 1970s, many of which have been constructed well-insulated. However, did you also know that airtight homes can experience problems with indoor air quality? Yes, there are health benefits to having a good ventilation system in the home. Here are a few others:

Heat Relief: Good whole house fans remove excess heat and usher in lower, more comfortable temperatures. It’s a huge help on those hot summer days and in those areas of the home (i.e., the attic) that area always stuffy.

Humidity Control: Whole house fans help remove moisture out of the air in your home which, in turn, reduces the humidity in the home. What’s more is that this excess moisture that is being removed from the air could potentially lead to mold and bacterial growth if left in the air, which is a whole different set of issues.

Cheaper: Central air conditioning isn’t cheap, especially if you live in climates that need it for more than just a few months a year. We’ve already covered how whole house fans can provide heat relief, but they can also relieve the hurt that’s put on your wallet from running and maintaining your air conditioning.

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