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What’s the air quality like in your work environment?

Portable The Workplace

Are you subject to unpleasant smells? Are you and your workers breathing in potentially harmful airborne pollutants? If so, you might have an itchy throat or eye irritation, which are symptoms that can be easily mistaken for allergies. You may also experience long-term effects, as well. Yes, the air quality in any work environment, from manufacturing facilities to warehouses to gymnasiums, is important. And luckily, if the quality in a given environment isn’t up to par, there’s a simple, affordable solution that can be easily implemented to help make it safe: portable cooling fans.

Portable cooling fans work by pumping and circulating cool, fresh air into a given space, which can dramatically improve indoor air quality in literally any type of environment as well as provide a means to beat the heat. What’s more is that they can easily be moved from one area to another, so employees can place them where they’ll be most effective at any given time. It’s an affordable means of ensuring employees are working in a safe environment – which can lead to better morale and increased productivity. It’s also a way for facilities to cut down on their energy costs, as portable fans are much more efficient to run than, say, a central air conditioning system. Several varieties of portable cooling fans are currently available on the market, from freestanding models to those that are designed with evaporative cooling technology.

So what’s the air quality like in your work environment? Consider having the air tested to see if it meets the current standards. And know that if it doesn’t, there’s a quick way to correct the problem with portable cooling fans.

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