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Circulating Fans Can Save Homeowners Money

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Fans have been used to provide cooling to people for thousands of years. It’s not surprising that a cooling method as simple as moving air around a room has endured as one of the most efficient ways to keep homeowners and workers comfortable. There are different types of fans on the market today, but the simplest model—the circulating fan—is considered one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient methods of cooling in moderate heat.

The term “air circulating fan” (or circulator fan) refers to any type of axial propeller fan that creates a wind-chill effect to provide comfort. Circulating fans include ceiling fans, floor fans, and table fans. They can also be wall mounted, permanently installed, or portable for cooling in any type of environment. Circulating fans can be used alone or in conjunction with an air conditioning unit to circulate air.

When used with an air conditioning system, a circulating fan can keep energy costs down or, in moderate heat, allow for air conditioning to be turned off completely. By adding fans to each room and using open windows as a source of fresh air, homeowners and business owners can save money over the cost of central air. Circulating fans also make heating more efficient by circulating air around rooms rather than allowing warm air to accumulate close to the ceiling.

Not only can air cooling fans help save money, they also reduce greenhouse emissions by cooling with less than 10 percent of the energy required for central air or window units. Fans can even provide a healthier way to stay cool. Rather than closing windows and relying on recycled, machine-cooled air, fans can be used with open windows to provide cooling through evaporative heat loss. In certain climates, fans can be used during the entire summer season to cool without the help of air conditioning.

Look for fans that fit your residential, business, or industrial applications. Fans are sized according to room size and come in models manufactured especially for domestic, commercial, or industrial uses.

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