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Air Circulator Fans for a Variety of Spaces

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Which Industries Require Air Circulator Fans?

No matter the industry your business fits within, you need to make safety, as well as comfort of your employees a priority. Air circulation fans are one of the simplest ways to do this by keeping the air moving throughout the office, workshop, mechanical garage, production facilities or warehouse. By constantly moving the air around the space, any harmful or overpowering odors in the air, such as those caused by chemicals used in production, will not be able to accumulate, decreasing the risk they pose to your employees. As a bonus, a circulation fan will also provide the same cooling functions as any other fan, helping your workers stay cool even in a hot space or while constantly moving. 

Most industries could benefit from cooling fans as it prevents a stale feeling and keeps your employees a comfortable temperature. That being said, certain industries actually need to get one of these fans for safety reasons; it isn’t just a recommendation or a nice addition. 

Companies With Warehouses

Although not a specific industry, any company that has a warehouse to store their goods needs to have an air circulator fan. By making sure that the air is always moving, you are able to reduce the risk of products being damaged due to moisture or anything else. Additionally, jobs in warehouses tend to involve a lot of movement and lifting, meaning your employees will appreciate the cooling effects, which can even improve their productivity. 

Industries With Lots Of Machinery In Production Spaces

Almost every single manufacturing industry will need an air circulation fan(s) for its basic cooling function. This is because all machines generate heat of some sort which can eventually wear them down or cause damage. In the average situation, a typical industrial circulator fan directed towards the equipment generating heat will be enough to keep it cool; this is similar to how a computer fan keeps the electronic components of it cool and functional. 

Industries That Produce Fumes Or Smoke

Depending on what your company makes, it is possible that fumes of some sort or smoke is generated during production. In these cases, creating an environment where the air is being moved or circulated will prevent the fumes or smoke from pooling, damaging the lungs of employees or causing visibility problems. Examples would be those which melt and form iron and have to keep a strong flame or companies that combine chemicals with strong fumes to create medicines, bug sprays, or other products. 

Construction And Painting Industries

Industries focusing on construction of buildings will also need air circulators and sometimes a cooling fan, but these must be portable so they can be moved to new job sites. The fans in this case will help keep the employees cool and prevent odors from accumulating. They can be particularly useful when the construction work moves to interior spaces. Painting buildings is related to construction and definitely requires a circulating fan to spread the air due to the fumes most paints give off. Without the air circulating properly, employees can get headaches, coughs, or worse. 

Industries Working In Small Spaces

Finally, any industry that involves working in a small space with little ventilation will need to invest in an air circulator fan. Those who do maintenance in sewers, within man holes, or even in mines will need the extra ventilation to guarantee that air reaches the workers, allowing them to breathe as close to normally as possible during their task. As a bonus, it will also provide the cooling effects employees can appreciate as it is easy to overheat in a small space.

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