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Can Exhaust Fans Cool a Room?

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Can Exhaust Fans Cool a Room?

Instead of simply blowing air into large industrial or commercial buildings like traditional fans, exhaust fans draw air into the fan and force it outside the room. Nearly all industrial plants rely on powerful exhaust fans to improve their building's air quality and support employee health. Industrial exhaust fans help extract particulates and noxious fumes while also reducing heat and humidity to minimize deterioration of expensive machinery.

Exhaust fans used in restaurants, bakeries and other commercial establishments draw out excess heat, fumes and smoke. Depending on their size exhaust fans can provide enough cooling capacity to minimize or even eliminate air conditioner use. However, while exhaust fans may effectively cool small to medium-sized rooms, larger areas may require a combination of a small window A/C and exhaust fan to lower temperatures and decrease summer energy bills.

Cool Rooms Housing Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Generating large amounts of heat due to energy demands, bitcoin mining hardware needs to operate in consistently cooled areas. Since bitcoin miners typically use more than 200 CFM, the cost of running an air conditioner 24/7 can cut deeply into a miner's ROI. Reducing heat generated by bitcoin mining hardware is also vital to maintaining the profitability and integrity of a mining operation.To maximize profitability, bitcoin miners are choosing to invest in specially designed bitcoin mining exhaust fans that affordably and efficiently cool rooms containing their bitcoin mining computers

Work Better to Cool Barns Than Traditional Fans

Made specifically for poultry houses and barns housing livestock, agricultural exhaust fans perform much better than regular fans because they extract particulates, cool livestock living areas, remove stagnant air and support a healthier environment for all farm animals. Agricultural exhaust fans also help prevent dairy cows and poultry from suffering heat stress. Horses benefit from having exhaust fans installed in their barns because the fans continuously refresh air supply while removing exhaled equine moisture that can accumulate in horse barns.

Cool Down Business Offices

Usually cramped, packed with office equipment and busy employees, business offices are known for having poor indoor air quality. Mostly due to emission of volatile organic compounds from photocopiers, carpeting, printers and cleaning products, office air quality doesn't improve by simply recirculating air with regular fans or air conditioners. To extract and eliminate VOCs and stagnation, general office exhaust fans are strongly recommended by health experts to help prevent "sick building syndrome", reduce employee illness and promote productivity in the workplace.

Cool Garages and Workspace Rooms

Exhaust fans not only cool rooms containing high-energy bitcoin-mining equipment, a herd of cows or dozens of hard-working office employers but they also cool off stuffy garages and workspace areas. Maintaining good air quality is also important in garages that are attached to homes. Even if a garage door seals the garage from the living area, the air from the garage will rush into the home. Garage and workspace air may contain VOCs coming from paint, gasoline, solvents and other toxic chemicals often stored in garages. In addition, humidity causes condensation to form in closed garages which can promote structural decay. Garage and workspace exhaust fans extract toxic molecules, humidity and particulates to keep the air in your garage fresh and safe to breath while preventing mold and mildew damage to stored items.

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