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Can You Run A Whole House Fan All Night?

A home exhaust fan is a great way to control humidity, eliminate indoor allergens, and take the burden off your home's heating and cooling system. Whole-house fans can add a considerable amount of comfort by moving warm air up and out through the roofing system, while also drawing in cool, outdoor air. Homes that have a whole house ceiling fan are fresher because stale air won't settle in the home on breeze-less days.

How to use Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are used on days when it is very humid, even though the outdoor temperature is not extremely high. Most homeowners prefer to kick-start the home cooling process by initially turning the fan on high speed. The key is to make sure one or more windows are open to create a draft that brings outdoor air in. The windows you choose should be those farthest away from the whole house ceiling fan.

You should never run a whole house fan without opening windows or doors. This could create a situation of negative pressure and backdrafts. This is when the pressure inside the home is less than outdoors. A backdraft can result in poor air quality, especially with gas-operated appliances. After the home is cooled down, you can turn the fan speed down to maintain a cool breeze throughout the home.

Running a house fan all night

Actually, it is recommended to run a whole house exhaust fans overnight. This way, you are cooling more than just the air, you are reducing the temperature of your home's entire structure. It takes time to cool off your home's shell which includes the siding or sheetrock, and the underside of the roof or the roofing membrane. Overnight is the best time to cool the core of your home for best results during daytime hours.

It can take some time to pull the heat out of your home's structure along with the contents of a house. By running a house fan all night, the core of your home can begin the cooling process before the next day. Consider the reduced demand on your AC unit during the hottest part of the day when your home's structure is starting with a lower temperature. The right way to run your whole house ceiling fan all night is to set it a low for general cooling, then kick it during late morning.

When air is pulled into your home by a whole house exhaust fan, the must be discharged somewhere, and you want it to flow smoothly out of the home. For this reason, makes sure the fan is has enough CFM and the discharge air which may exit via soffit vents, a ridge vent, or gable end vent has a sufficient opening.

Visit Industrial Fans Direct for whole house exhaust fans that will efficiently circulate cool air throughout your home, resulting in a more comfortable home and cleaner indoor air. Don't waste your money on a cheap, off-the-shelf home exhaust fan. You be less likely to use it as cheaper fans can be noisy and less energy efficient.

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