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Comparing Four Different Commercial Fans

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There is a wide range of air circulation fans used in various industries. Below we look at four common applications of cooling fans and how they are used.

Air Circulator Fans

An air circulator fan keeps the air moving around while providing comfort throughout the room. A circulation fan is used in factories, agricultural settings, garages, gyms, or metal shops. Mounting options include portable and stationary floor models, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, posts, beams, and almost any flat surface.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are effective at keeping warm and cool air circulating at mid-levels in a room. A ceiling cooling fan is best used in smaller rooms. They can, however, be used virtually anywhere to circulate air. Ceiling fans are installed using a ceiling mount or a suspension mount using a bracket or a chain.

Exhaust Fans

The primary purpose for using an exhaust fan to draw out odor, humidity or fumes from a room where any of these exist. Exhaust fans are used in bathrooms and restaurants to remove odor, heat, and steam from burners. Exhaust units are valuable in factories, garages, chemical plants, and other facilities. Exhaust fans can be implement using a wall shutter mount. You can also install them via a cabinet mount, panel mount, or through the roof as an upblast or downblast exhaust.

High Velocity Fans

High velocity cooling fans with large blades are a smart option for distributing air longer distances. They're highly effective in larger spaces such as mezzanines, loading docks, conveyors, assembly lines and workstations. You'll often see high velocity fans used in stadiums and theme parks to keep visitors cool. A typical installation for a high velocity fan is in an elevated position using a dolly mount, pole, beam, or pedestal mount.

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