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Do Garage Exhaust Fans Work?

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Do Garage Exhaust Fans Work?  

In some garages, you may smell exhaust or start to feel ill even if fans are visibly operating. This naturally leads to the question of whether the fans actually work! However, the fans aren't the problem in situations like this. The problem is that the ventilation system was not properly configured for the space. In order to get enough fresh air from fans, they have to be powerful and numerous enough to exchange the air frequently.

Make Sure to Bring in Fresh Air

One common problem is that ventilation system installers focus on the idea that they need garage exhaust fans to the point that they forget that they also need fresh air intake fans. If all of the fans are set up to blow air outward, negative pressure alone often isn't enough to pull in sufficient replacement air. A good system also has fresh air intake fans, which are often just regular garage fans mounted in reverse. When even more fresh air intake is needed, a dedicated garage ventilation fan may be added.

Negative pressure from exhaust fans often doesn't work as expected due to a lack of fresh air inputs. When you install intake fans, you open up a wall so there are more places for the fresh air to come in. Since intake fans actively push fresh air in, the effect is increased even more.

Be Sure to Have Enough Fans

The other common issue is a lack of sufficient fans or fan power. In a garage, the air must be exchanged between 4 to 10 times per hour, depending on the size of the area and how busy it is. This is often the problem in those garages where you end up feeling poorly even though you can see a fan running.

Calculate the needed CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air exchange based on the size of the garage and the amount of use it gets. Then, get enough J&D Manufacturing garage fans to meet or even slightly exceed that figure. If your garage sees widely varying use levels, choose some of the variable speed fans so you can adjust them to meet current needs.

Don't be Shy to Run the Fans

Sad to say, but some garages have inadequate ventilation because someone thought it'd be a good idea to "save on power costs" by turning the fans down or even off. Always resist this temptation! Use variable speeds or CO-activated fan controllers if you want to be sure you're not wasting any money. Remember that if you don't run your fans, you aren't getting any good out of them.

Can Garage Fans Work Anywhere Else?

Garages aren't the only places these fan systems are effective. The same units are often used as workshop exhaust fans, whether alone or in conjunction with things like dust collectors. The same principles apply to getting a satisfactory result.

To learn more about options for ventilating a garage, check out Industrial Fans Direct.

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