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Do I Need a Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

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Do I Need a Kitchen Exhaust Fan?  

If you’re building a commercial kitchen in your restaurant or other facility, you might wonder what you need to add in terms of exhaust fans. The truth is that having one of these is more than just a good idea and is often necessary for overall safety. Plus, it is likely required by your local city or county to obtain needed permits. Here are three reasons why you need a kitchen exhaust fan.


Perhaps the most common reason why you would need a kitchen exhaust fan is for cleanliness. Smoke, smog, smells, grease, and food particles can linger in the air long after you’ve stopped cooking or burned that pot of chili. Of course, that also means that this contaminated air can make it to your dining room and annoy your patrons. Instead, a kitchen exhaust fan helps move the air to push these items into the ductwork for much cleaner air. That said, commercial kitchen exhaust fan units need to be wiped down frequently to keep them in great working condition.

Air Circulation

If you have a gas stove, you’ll definitely need a quality kitchen exhaust fan. Why? Each time you cook, a small amount of carbon monoxide emissions leak into the air. If these vapors aren’t vented appropriately, over time you could have a serious health hazard on your hands, which could cause health problems for your diners. Luckily, even utility ventilator exhaust fans for kitchens are usually enough to do the trick and keep the air in your home circulating appropriately.

Local Building Code Requirements

In many cases, you might not have a choice when it comes to installing a kitchen exhaust fan. Certain jurisdictions have local building codes that require every commercial kitchen to have one in place for safety reasons. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be a big and bulky unit to satisfy these rules. Often, ceiling-mounted designs or more discrete options are suitable enough to get the job done. Looking for an alternative? Designs such as these popular kitchen shutter mounted wall exhaust fans are a great option, too.

Space Considerations When Installing a Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Now that you understand the importance of kitchen exhaust fans, let’s look at the main reason why many commercial builders loathe them—lack of space. Finding the right footprint to accommodate a cramped cooking space is already hard enough. Adding in bulky vent hoods and other systems can only make things more difficult. That’s why, in some cases, a restaurant owner might even choose to install a secondary option that isn’t visible: ducted exhaust fans for kitchens. These types of exhaust fans mount into the ceiling for a minimal visual appearance with a maximum function. For a space that is limited on space, this can often be a great alternative.

Not sure where to start when it comes to purchasing a kitchen exhaust fan? Our team at Industrial Fans Direct can help. Please contact us today with your questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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