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Do Duct Booster Fans Work?  

At some point, every person puts their hand up to a vent to make sure air is coming out of it. It’s a natural reaction, and HVAC systems are as susceptible to problems as anything else in this world. When airflow seems insufficient, it can happen for a number of reasons. Leaky ducts are a common problem. Clogged filters and failing fans are in the mix too. Sometimes, the system is too large for the blower and central unit. In other cases, the vents are too long or complicated for a central system to work efficiently. If you have a vent that’s tempting you to test the airflow, you might consider a duct booster fan. Could it really work?

The short answer is yes. Duct fans definitely do work. Knowing a little more about how and why can help determine if they are the right solution to a particular problem. In general, duct booster fans are designed to regulate the flow of air out of vents across an HVAC system. How they do that depends on the design. 

Duct inline fans are designed to sit inside the ducts themselves. The duct inline fan will be installed near a vent that is far from the blowing unit of the system. It adds mechanical air pull to the ducts at the desired vent. This helps draw air along the entire system and reduces the problem of the majority of air exiting at the closer vents. 

A register fan is different from an in-duct fan. The register fan goes in the room where the airflow needs to be improved. It creates a pressure differential that draws more air out of the vent. It has the same net result as the inline fan, but it works through a different mechanism. 

Which Is Better?

Whether you should use an inline fan or register fan depends on the system at play. Inline fans are typically better for longer and more complicated ducting systems. In commercial buildings, single blowers usually can't properly service the large, intricate systems. Inline blowers stay out of the operational space of the commercial facility, and they add airflow at any point that it is needed. This is where they are at their best — especially when ventilation is a health or safety issue. 

Register fans are typically better in smaller systems that need cheaper options. In a home or small office space, they can boost HVAC airflow without having to upgrade the entire system. 

If you think a duct booster fan can help with your system, there are some excellent options to consider. Soler & Palau duct booster fans come in enough variety to solve many problems. Continental Fan duct booster fans are also well regarded for HVAC systems. Find the fans that are best for your system, and you can transform heating, cooling and ventilation without a major overhaul to the entire building.

Visit Industrial Fans Direct and explore our selection of duct booster fans today. 

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