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Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Work?

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Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Work?  

A kitchen exhaust fan is an extremely useful and necessary thing to have in any kitchen. Not only is it good for helping to remove unpleasant odors, but it can also help to vent out smoke, indoor pollutants, and keep oil and grime from caking up on the ceiling and other kitchen surfaces.

The majority of kitchen fans can be ductless or are connected directly to the ducting or HVAC system. The ductless form of kitchen fan, also known as kitchen wall exhaust fans is built into an outer wall and vents directly from the kitchen to the outside. Both types of fans are useful for removing smoke and pollutants from the air during cooking or other operations involving heat and fumes. Ducted fans are preferred for larger operations such as commercial kitchens, but the ductless variety is valued for homes or apartments without a duct system or where tapping into the duct system might be too complex or expensive. Ductless fans also frequently use filters to clean the air and to circulate it.

Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Work?

Before committing to installation, many people want to know if kitchen exhaust fans actually work. Not every kitchen has one, and it’s likely that many people are unfamiliar with them. So, it is not an unreasonable question. The fact is that not all kitchen fans are created equal. For an exhaust fan to do its job, it needs to be of adequate size and power for the space it is meant to vent. Also, they do not replace regular clean up and safe culinary practices. 

Your first step is to select the right fan for the space and for your cooking habits. 

Your options include:

  • Industrial kitchen exhaust fan: Designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial cooking, these fans are sufficient to vent heat, fumes, and reduce grease buildup and to serve large cooking spaces.
  • Kitchen multi-purpose inline fans: Versatile and powerful, these fans are applicable to many uses including welding shops, kitchens, bathrooms, agriculture, utility rooms, or server rooms where smaller volumes need to be moved through ductwork.
  • Centrifugal roof exhaust fan for kitchens: These ceiling-mounted fans can be used for just about any application and can operate even in unusually corrosive conditions. They are made from light materials and are easy to clean.
  • Kitchen shutter mounted wall exhaust fans: Shuttered, wall-mounted fans are one of the most popular types of kitchen fans. They are relatively inexpensive, effective, easy to use, and convenient.
  • Commercial fans for kitchens and bakeries: Comparable to industrial kitchen fans, industrial models might be better suited to smaller operations such as a local bakery, or for uses in facilities with two or more smaller rooms that need to be vented separately.
  • Small exhaust fan for kitchens: These smaller fans are light, practical, and inexpensive. They are ideal for installing over or near to range-tops and ovens for quiet and convenient ventilation of smoke, fumes, and oils. 

Once you have found the right fan for your needs, it should be placed properly for maximum effect. Proper installation requires a licensed electrician. Finally, it’s important to clean the kitchen and fan regularly.

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