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Explosion Proof Wall Fans in Chemical Facilities

Explosion Proof Hazardous Locations Industrial The Workplace

A chemical facility or industrial plant processes and manufactures dangerous chemicals. Often processed indoors, these flammable chemicals and compounds require ventilation, including spark proof and explosion proof wall fans, to keep workers and chemical storage systems protected. Generally, chemical plants look to create new materials, enhance current materials, or create chemical and biological reactions to separate substances into different components. Chemical facilities include Natural Gas plants, power plants, petroleum refineries, and wastewater and sewage treatment facilities.

Why Explosion Proof Wall Fans Matter

Industries that produce explosive materials require proper ventilation including explosion proof wall exhaust fans, as well as supply fans. Similar to other wall fans, explosion proof exhaust fans mount inside the wall and work to exhaust the hazardous vapors and fumes produced in the facility. They go a step further; in protecting the facility and workers from a possible fire or explosion outside of the fans compartments, while you may take extreme caution against creating fire or explosions, it sometimes happens during hazardous material production. The NEC®, or National Electric Code, published by the National Fire Protection Association, indicates in NFPA 70, which facilities require explosion proof fans and the standards to which they should operate.

Defined by class I, II, and III, a non-sparking explosion proof fan is required in a class I hazardous location where gasses, fumes, or vapors in the air are considered ignitable or flammable. Explosion Proof Wall fans must contain explosions while preventing fire or sparks from escaping and igniting the vapors and fumes floating through the air, which would cause a more destructive and devastating, burst. These 100% enclosed fans serve to protect chemical storage and keep those working with the chemicals intrinsically safe.

When working in facilities with flammable vapors, installing explosion proof fans are a necessary safety precaution.

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