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How do I Install a QuietCool Whole House Fan?

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How do I Install a QuietCool Whole House Fan?

Is it possible to install a QuietCool whole house fan house fan? Absolutely.

Most of the steps can be done by anyone with a few tools. However, any electrical connection should always be performed by a licensed electrician to code.

First, plan exactly where your Quietcool whole house fans will go and be installed in your attic and then connected to your internal ceiling. You will need to make sure there is 1) access to the internal ceiling for the installation and, 2) room for the house fan to hang above. Once located, remove the insulation from the area above the ceiling dry wall so there is a clear work area.

To start installing you need a template. Depending on which house fan size you go with, you need to have a large enough hole in the internal ceiling drywall to allow connection. Refer to the specs on your specific model and cut a template out with cardboard. You can then take the same cardboard template and mark the drywall for an exact, correct cut. Push a screwdriver through the drywall at each corner. Now remove the section with a drywall hand saw inserted at a corner and cut along the template square sides. You want to be sure at all times there is at least 2 inches of space around the hole above. Do this same process for each entry of the house fan in each room.

Now it’s time to connect the house fan. Either go through the hole just cut or another attic access. The key initial assembly step is to hang the motor end from a rafter that is part of the roofing frame. You will be provided metal strapping to carry the weight of the motor, kept in place with wood screws into the rafters. Then attach the ducting to the motor to lead to the hole cut in the internal ceiling. It should hang as a soft 90 degree angle from the motor to the hole. This is the key step to a whisper quiet whole house fan that cuts down on noise when operating.

The damper box on the other under of the duct has to go through the hole and is finished with a grille underneath. Keep the damper box in place and secure it to the drywall. You will need to ultimately go in to secure the damper box to a joist to make sure it doesn’t sag the drywall over time. Now attach the finishing grille underneath with its hardware, completing the look from below.

Again, what is left is to make sure the electrical power to run the QuietCool house fan is attached and connected professionally by a licensed electrician. In the meantime, make sure the fan moves freely without any resistance. If not, then the fan needs to be checked or replaced. Also, then secure the duct with nylon straps to the rafters. Once the electrical is done, you’re ready to enjoy your house fan. Good job!

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