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How Much Does a Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Cost?

The weather is starting to heat up in most parts of the country, and many people are in the market for a QuietCool whole house fan. QuietCool whole house fans are an AC system that generates positive pressure and sends hot air out through the roof, gables, or the soffit vents. The negative pressure that is generated in the house draws cooler air in from the outside through any openings, effectively cooling the interior of the house. Of course, the one main problem with similar fans by major manufacturers is that they tend to be rather noisy. QuietCool whole house fans are some of the quietest fans on the market.

For clarity, we’ll go over the normal costs of installing a whole house fan, and then factor in the cost of a QuietCool unit. 

​​​​​​​The Cost to Install a QuietCool Whole House Fan 

The average cost of a whole house fan ranges between an average of $845 to $1627. This includes materials, labor, and the fan unit itself.

Cost of Whole House Fan: $414 – $484

This range is for the average unit type, rated at 5700 CFM: a measure of how much air the fan displaces. As you can see, there’s not a big price difference between the cost of the higher and lower end whole-house fans alone

Cost of Installation Labor: $282 – $921

Depending on conditions at the site, the location of the installation, and other factors, labor should fall within this price range. 

Cost for Installation Job Supplies: $56 – $64

Supplies such as fasteners, fittings, and mounting hardware are generally rather inexpensive, and should rarely rise above this price range.

Optional HVAC Removal Cost: $36 – $117

This will include dumping fees, disconnection, removal of old mounting hardware, and the removal of the unit. Some contractors may wish to recycle the old unit, refurbish and resell it, or use it for spare parts- which should lower the cost to you.

Cost for Cleanup & Disposal: $35 – $40

On top of the cost of removing an old unit, this includes the labor and hauling costs of cleanup for items and debris other than the old unit.

At the end of the day, this comes down to a potential additional cost of $0 to $782 for the privilege of installing a whole-house cooling fan that is going to be quiet enough to suit your preference.

Direct VS Belt Driven Fans

In addition to any soundproofing, the unit may come with and the fit and finish, the main consideration when choosing a quiet whole house fan is the drive type. A belt-driven fan is able to run more slowly and use larger fan blades which push more air using less energy. These quiet whole-house fans are $200 to $2,000 less expensive than direct driven fans and their motor is much easier to replace should the need arise.

At the end of the day, QuietCool fans provide the highest quality in a range of products that suit any and all of your whole house cooling and ventilation needs. To learn more about the QuietCool line of affordable, high end whole house fans, get in touch with the experts at Industrial Fans Direct today.

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