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How Much Is A Misting Fan?

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How Much Is A Misting Fan?

When hot air creates an uncomfortable environment, many rely on an air conditioning unit to cool down the space. While this can work in small areas, it can be incredibly costly to run an AC unit 24/7 in warehouses, boiler rooms, and other hot buildings. Fortunately, misting fans are a powerful cost-effective alternative to a traditional HVAC system. Now, we know what you are wondering, “How much is a misting fan?” This blog post aims to help you better understand the price points of water mist fan models and how they provide energy cost savings year after year.

Misting Fans Are Cost Effective

The price of a water mist fan relies on a number of factors, including the size, capacity, materials of construction, application, and more. Industrial Fans Direct has an inventory with a number of water mist fan models in various sizes and price points, from under $500 to over $2,000 (USD).

While the initial cost may be higher than expected, it is important to remember that a misting fan is incredibly cost-effective to operate when compared to an AC unit. You will see significant cost savings when you switch from operating your HVAC system to utilizing a mist fan. Better still, your employees and guests will still experience the same level of comfort. Since these fans disperse mist that evaporates, they actually cool down the temperature of the air.

When you need a cost-effective cooling option for both indoor and outdoor applications, you cannot go wrong with misting fans. 

Top Misting Fans

While price plays a significant role in any purchasing decision, it is also important to select a high-quality model that fits your application needs. Your water mist fan must be an appropriate size in order to provide a desired outcome. A fan that is too large or too small will not allow you to enjoy energy cost savings. Fortunately, we have a vast selection of the top misting fans available on the market.

When you need a small portable fan, the TPI Corporation Mister Fan is an exceptional choice. It comes with a 10 gallon bucket to serve as the water source. If you need a fan that can handle rough conditions and last for years to come, you should select one of the Ventamatic Cool Draft mist fans we carry. If you need versatility and easy transportation, your best bet is one of the J&D Manufacturing misting fans.

You will be hard pressed to find a better selection than the one available at Industrial Fans Direct. We can have a range of misting fans available in various sizes and price points that can meet your exact application needs. We encourage you to request a quote of the water fan mist models you desire today. If you have any questions about what fans will meet your specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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