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A number of factors weigh in the balance for successful cooling in the greenhouse, including sensitive plant species, humidity levels, and workplace safety for employees and visitors alike. To find out how many fans you need in your greenhouse, a few simple fan calculator tips are all that's needed. We'll show you how to do them below.

How to Calculate CFM for Greenhouses

The cooling rate for most industrial fans are  based on the CFM, or cubic feet per minute,  that measures how much air the fan pushes through in a measured time. Calculating CFM’s depend on the airspace in your greenhouse, so multiply the width by the height by the length to get the total air volume first. Next, identify the elevation and average temperatures in the facility's geographic location, also known as F-house. These factors play a big role in how much air removal and circulation that's required. Be sure to measure the light intensity in the greenhouse too with a mole map, and make adjustments with those findings. Finally, multiply the new F-house figure with the air volume to get the total CFM. If you're not sure how to calculate it yourself, you can use our cubic feet per minute calculator.

Fan Calculation Sizing in Greenhouses

To find out what CFM rated fans you need, divide the total CFM by the required number of fans in the space. Then, pick the types of fans you need according to safety standards. Exhaust fans provide ideal passive cooling, while indoor/outdoor circulation fans are built to withstand the elements and humidity levels.

Whether you're establishing a new greenhouse or updating the facility, Industrial Fans Direct is here to help. Contact our team of experts today to get started with your order!

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