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How To Correctly Use Confined Space Blowers And Ventilators

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As a site manager, the safety of your employees is paramount, which is why you should always have confined space blowers and confined ventilators on hand to maintain high-quality breathable air in the area your workers are. This becomes particularly important in confined spaces where gases and other chemicals can quickly build up and create a danger. Without proper ventilation, those working in tunnels or manholes simply won’t be able to breathe properly, affecting their health and productivity. Using a confined space ventilator in a confined space is fairly similar to using it in an open area, although it is much more important.

Where To Place Your Portable Blower

Before getting ready to place your confined portable blower, you need to confirm that the environment is not hazardous, as you will then need to take precautions against ignition. This would require explosion proof or hazardous location ventilator equipment. We will save this for another time. This includes choosing ventilation air ducts that are made from conductive materials. In non-hazardous areas, you can use standard equipment, including axial fans or inline axial fans. For ventilating longer distances or if a higher volume of air flow, impeller blade units may be necessary. When you are ready to place the confined space blower, you can situate it outside of the confined area, such as the tunnel, but should be aware of the potential duct sizes. You never want the ducting hose to be over 25 feet in length, so ensure that you place the air blower within the appropriate distance of your area. Avoid bends of 90 degrees or more as these reduce air flower.

How To Set Up The Blower

Setting up the confined space ventilator on your worksite is much simpler than actually selecting it. You simply place the base component on a sturdy surface within reach of the confined work site and a power source. Ensure the ducts reach your workspace with minimal bends along the way and do an additional check for any potential ignition sources or other dangers. Most confined space ventilators will also come with instructions for use as well; read these before setting it up to ensure you do everything properly and your crew can remain safe.

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