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How Do You Install an Inline Duct Fan?

The specific method used to install a duct inline fan varies depending on the make, model, and general type of fan involved. Therefore, specific instructions are included with the fan so that everything can be done exactly right.

General Installation Procedure

In general, duct inline fans are bolted inside the ductwork at the desired place to provide the needed ventilation or exhaust capabilities. Therefore, the first step is to decide which part of the duct should get the fan.

If the desired location isn't right inside the segment at one end of the duct run, the duct will have to be cut open to admit the fan.

When installing the fan, the installer must be sure that it is aimed so that the air blows in the desired direction. Even though an inline duct fan may be marketed as either an "exhaust" or "intake" fan, they can all actually be installed either way. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to which way it is being put in.

Be sure that the duct fan is well-supported. This may require the construction of a support or framework, because the fan will be replacing a section of duct instead of using the duct to hold it up.

Attach the fan to the duct on each end. This will typically require bolting it on, though with flexible duct systems, you'll likely need to construct a support and then use duct tape to attach each side to the ductwork.

Next, electrical connections need to be made. This gives the fan its power. Be sure that the voltage leading to the fan matches the level it is rated for. Otherwise, it can be blown out or cause a fire. Typically, an electrician will do this work. If your company doesn't have one on staff, consult a commercial electrical service. Be sure all building codes are met and safety practices followed if you decide to do it yourself.

If You Need Help for DIY

Here at Industrial Fans Direct, we make it easy to work through any challenges. You can contact us through our help form or give us a call for assistance. We'll do our best to ensure that you get your new duct fan properly installed.

We offer fans from several manufacturers, so these installation steps may not pertain to every one of them. Our manufacturers include Solar & Palau duct inline fans, Continental inline duct fans, and Canarm inline duct fans. Of course, each fan comes with a manual for installation and operation, so you aren't left wondering what to do with your particular make and model of machine.

Hiring a Contractor to Install Your Fan

Of course, the easiest way to get anything installed is to hire a professional to do it. If you choose this method, be sure to keep your manual handy so the pro can see any needed specifics.

At Industrial Fans Direct, we carry a wide selection of in-line duct fans to meet any need. Look here first when you need to add ventilation.

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