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Is There a Fan That Blows Cold Air?  

Typically, standing or table-top room fans can cool occupants simply by the force of moving warm air at a high rate of speed. But, these off the shelf products may not have the CFM power or design features to effectively provide colder air that can be as satisfying as a room air conditioner. If you're looking for a fan that blows cold air, here are 5 cooling fan options to consider.

5 Fans That Blow Cold Air

1. Cooling by Design - Evaporative Coolers

If you really want to cool an area, consider an evaporative cooler as the next best choice over air conditioning. Evaporative coolers (also known as swamp coolers) use a design that removes the water from the surrounding air after intake. Before the air is discharged, the water is evaporated which causes a significant drop in temperature as water is transformed from a liquid to a vapor. The evaporative cooling process is perfect for humid work areas and can provide cooling for large areas.

2. Industrial Strength Mancooler Fans

These rugged, high-power axial fans are designed to forcefully move air along a straight-line path at a high rate of speed to effectively cool down anyone within the line of air flow. This type of cooling fan performs best when mounted directly facing assembly lines, aisle ways, or rows of workstations for immediate cooling to machines and operators. Mancooler fans have the added benefit of mobility, with caster wheels to easily position the fan for optimum cooling.

3. Cooled Vapor Misting Fans

Another way to cool off employees quickly is to employ misting fans. This technology combines a typical fan assembly with a misting nozzle to release tiny droplets of water. As the water evaporates, the air temperature drops before the air is blown into the environment. Instead of blowing warm dry air around, you get a mist of cool air blown out under high pressure. Misting fans are popular for outdoor events, but they are also appreciated by workers as a quick way to cool down.

4. Portable Drum Fans

When you need a way to provide portable cool air, a drum fan is a powerful option that takes your typical fan technology to the next level. You can obtain these barrel-style fans with a very high CFM rating. And that's the cooling power behind a drum fan, forcefully ejecting air to quickly lower the temperature of anything within its path. The larger the drum fan assembly and motor, the more effective cooling power - but, there is a trade-off between noise and cooling power.

5. Air Circulation Fans

Finally, you can increase your air conditioning performance by adding air circulation fans at key locations where employees can benefit from greater air circulation and cooling. Air circulation fans cause workers to feel cooler because of the air flow that is moving across the room. These commercial grade fans are typically very quiet which makes them perfect for office or lobby areas. If you have an area where the air seems stagnant and stale, an air circulation fan can provide the air movement for a fresher environment.

Visit us at Industrial Fans Direct for a wide selection of fans that not only move air, but cool air. These fans are an efficient, and low-cost option that can save you money on summer energy bills.

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