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Misting Fans Versus Evaporative Coolers

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If you are looking to cool a large outdoor space this summer, you may be considering either a misting fan or an evaporative cooler fan. Both types of fans are designed to quickly cool a space as long as the correct fan sizing is used. However, while the fans are both similar, they are also very different in how they go about cooling. Here is a bit more information about these two types of fans.

Misting Fans

A misting fan is designed to spray cool water and air around. This feels good when it hits your skin on a hot summer's day. Water is pushed through the fan and then the blade breaks it up and spreads it around. This is a great option in the right setting. It is perfect to use in the backyard or grassy areas if you are having a barbeque or large gathering. Additionally, many water parks, playgrounds and community swimming pools use these fans to prevent their guests from overheating.

Evaporative Cooling Fans

An evaporative cooler operates under the same general premise as a misting fan. Water is pushed through the fan and the blade breaks the water up before it is sprayed out. However, in an evaporative cooler, the water is broken up into particles that are so small that they evaporate before they hit anything. This is perfect for use in areas where water shouldn't be used, such as around metal or wood. An evaporative cooler can be used indoors, on decks or around pieces of machinery.

Selecting the Correct Size

Once you have determined if a misting fan or evaporative cooler is best for your space, you need to find the right sized unit. A properly sized unit can cool your space by up to 20 degrees. However, if your unit is too small for your space, it will not fully cool the space. If the unit is too large for your space, it will not complete a full cycle before it shuts off, which can affect the lifespan of the unit. 

Determining the right size unit for your space is the same for both evaporative coolers and misting fans. First, determine the cubic feet of your space. This is the square feet in the room multiplied by the ceiling height. Then simply divide the cubic feet of your space in half and select a device that has a CFM output that is as close to this number as possible. When in doubt, go a little higher rather than lower. This ensures the cooler or fan has the capacity needed to properly cool your space. 

If you are ready to purchase either a misting fan, evaporative cooler or both for your space, then Industrial Fans Direct is the website to visit. We sell a wide selection of fans designed to be used in both industrial and residential settings. Visit our website today to learn more about these products or to make a purchase today.

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