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Information Center — Confined Space Ventilators

Using Confined Space Blowers When the Area Contains Hazardous Materials

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When you need ventilation in a confined space, and the area contains hazardous materials, the type of blower fan you choose matters.  Whether you are providing ventilator fans for a paper plant or you need to remove dangerous fumes that may be flammable from a tank, you have to find the right products to keep you and your employees safe. Keep Air Clean Within a Work Space Ventilating a work space maters. When the space is tight and the materials within the space contain dangerous or flammable chemicals or fumes, ventilators and other equipment that are labeled intrinsically safe, hazardous...

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3 Important Ventilator Tips You Need to Know for Silos

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Ensuring the proper operation of the fans and blowers in your silo ventilation system is essential for the preservation of the stored grain. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that these three tips are met for the ventilators in your silos throughout the growing season.  1. Periodically check the temperature of your grain. Automatic grain thermometers only measure the temperature of the grain around the piece of equipment. In order to get a more accurate reading of the grain, take the temperature by hand and insert the thermometer attached to a long pole into the grain instead. In this...

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Types of Confined Space Blowers and Ventilators

Confined Space Ventilators General Workplace Safety

When it comes to ventilation in various spaces and settings, there are numerous options available. The type of option that should be used varies based on end use. Here are several types of confined space blowers and ventilators. Standard units Standard or typical blower / ventilator units are the ones that are typically used in locations such as manholes, rail cars, tanks and similar settings as long as electricity is available for power. If electricity is not available in the place where the ventilator will be used, a different type of confined space blower or ventilator is necessary. Gas-powered units Gas-powered...

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How To Correctly Use Confined Space Blowers And Ventilators

Confined Space Ventilators Hazardous Locations Portable The Workplace Workplace Safety

As a site manager, the safety of your employees is paramount, which is why you should always have confined space blowers and confined ventilators on hand to maintain high-quality breathable air in the area your workers are. This becomes particularly important in confined spaces where gases and other chemicals can quickly build up and create a danger. Without proper ventilation, those working in tunnels or manholes simply won’t be able to breathe properly, affecting their health and productivity. Using a confined space ventilator in a confined space is fairly similar to using it in an open area, although it is...

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