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Where Should a Fan be Placed in a Garage?   If you're building or renovating a garage, one of the things you will need to know is where to put the ventilation fans. The answer depends on things like whether the garage is above-ground or below, what the garage is being used for, and where the fans are physically able to go. Here are some things to consider when deciding on the details of your fan installation plan: If the Garage is a Stand-Alone Building Many auto mechanics have stand-alone buildings with all four walls leading directly to the outside. In...

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Are High Velocity Fans Good?

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Are High Velocity Fans Good?   If you're looking for alternatives to using air conditioning in an industrial setting, you're probably wondering if high velocity fans will work well. The answer depends on the situation. In some circumstances, they will work great, while in others, you'll want to look at other alternatives. Here are some of the ins-and-outs of these big fans. Consider the Fan Style Many high velocity fans, such as the Triangle Engineering high velocity fans, are of the "drum" variety. These look like giant drums, and the sides cause the air to be directed in a beam-like pattern....

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What is a High Velocity Fan?

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What is a High Velocity Fan?   High velocity fans move large quantities of air at high speeds. They are often used for cooling, but can also be used to dry out areas that have been flooded, get rid of fumes, and for other such purposes. Because of their many uses, they come in a variety of sizes, mounting methods, and even a few different shapes. Fans for Cooling People When the goal is to keep people cool, a high velocity fan can be aimed at the people to get the job done. This is especially effective when the people are...

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Do Fans Actually Cool a Room?

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Do Fans Actually Cool a Room?   A surprising number of debates rage about the question of whether or not fans make the air cooler. The fans in question are almost always air circulator fans – the type that spin a set of blades in a circle. These fans hide the blades within a cage-like housing to help keep people from putting their hands in the way. However, the same principles apply to drum fans, which enclose the blades in a grating-covered, drum-shaped housing. The simple answer is that these types of fans do not cool a room. Instead, they make...

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Air Circulator Fans for a Variety of Spaces

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Which Industries Require Air Circulator Fans? No matter the industry your business fits within, you need to make safety, as well as comfort of your employees a priority. Air circulation fans are one of the simplest ways to do this by keeping the air moving throughout the office, workshop, mechanical garage, production facilities or warehouse. By constantly moving the air around the space, any harmful or overpowering odors in the air, such as those caused by chemicals used in production, will not be able to accumulate, decreasing the risk they pose to your employees. As a bonus, a circulation fan will also provide the...

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