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Types of Confined Space Blowers and Ventilators

Confined Space Ventilators General Workplace Safety

When it comes to ventilation in various spaces and settings, there are numerous options available. The type of option that should be used varies based on end use. Here are several types of confined space blowers and ventilators.

Standard units

Standard or typical blower / ventilator units are the ones that are typically used in locations such as manholes, rail cars, tanks and similar settings as long as electricity is available for power. If electricity is not available in the place where the ventilator will be used, a different type of confined space blower or ventilator is necessary.

Gas-powered units

Gas-powered confined space blower units are ventilators that can be used for remote areas where electricity or a generator for electricity is not available or a higher volume of air is required.

High-volume units

High-volume confined space fan units are just that. They are blowers that require electricity, but they typically move a much higher volume of air than a standard ventilator unit would.

Pneumatic or air-driven units

Pneumatic or air-driven units may be the fans required if there are flammable fumes, gases or dust in the atmosphere. These units may also be used on oil rigs or hulls of vessels that require pneumatically driven equipment.

Among confined space blowers and ventilators, various products are available with a range of specifications. Price ranges can vary from type to type and based on quality and brand. Ventilating a space is essential to that area staying safe, healthy, efficient and well-functioning. Keep this information in mind when deciding which type of confined space blower or ventilator is best for your work space and requirements.

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