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Using Confined Space Blowers When the Area Contains Hazardous Materials

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When you need ventilation in a confined space, and the area contains hazardous materials, the type of blower fan you choose matters.  Whether you are providing ventilator fans for a paper plant or you need to remove dangerous fumes that may be flammable from a tank, you have to find the right products to keep you and your employees safe.

Keep Air Clean Within a Work Space

Ventilating a work space maters. When the space is tight and the materials within the space contain dangerous or flammable chemicals or fumes, ventilators and other equipment that are labeled intrinsically safe, hazardous location or explosion proof typically can be used safely. These specialized  fans and blowers keep the air within an environment safe for breathing without having to be as concerned about ignition of airborne particulates, promoting an environment where employees will be highly productive and efficient. Whether you need to remove fumes from a welding shop, smoke, or dangerous gases from a confined space, you need to use the right system.

Intrinsically safe ventilation fans that work in confined spaces are powered by compressed air. Air is pushed through the ventilation system and sent out through an air diffuser or venturi design.

It can be particularly difficult to find the right equipment to use when outfitting a tight, confined space that also contains hazardous materials. Ventilation equipment that uses an electrical source is typically not safe and can cause an electrical fire or explosion unless it is rated for use in hazardous locations with spark-proof motors, blade and housing design.  In addition, you need to be sure that toxic fumes are properly handled and removed from your work space for worker safety.


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