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If you are designing a commercial kitchen, the kitchen's ventilation system is important. This includes things like the exhaust fan, vent hood and air supply fans. Here are a few of the questions you may have about a commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Why Do You Want an Exhaust Fan in a Commercial Kitchen?

An exhaust fan and ventilation system in a commercial kitchen is not  just a want -- it is a requirement. Commercial kitchen regulations require ventilation systems in these spaces. An exhaust fan, vent hood and air supply fan work to clear out smoke and steam and bring in fresh air. This minimizes smells, maintains the space's temperature and reduces the risk of grease fires. Check with your local building licensing agency to determine what is required in your city, county or state for a commercial kitchen.

What Are the Best Types of Fans For a Commercial Kitchen?

Upblast centrifugal roof exhaust fans are the most common types of fans found in commercial kitchens. This type of fan is mounted on the roof of the building. This fan can pull kitchen grease and smoke from the space, depositing it outside. It has a large amount of pressure, which helps pull air up and out of the space.

What Air Supply Fans are Important When Using Exhaust Fans?

A roof exhaust fan is a great way to remove air from the space. But you also want to get fresh air into the kitchen. An air supply fan does this. Always look for a filtered air supply fan, as it helps to ensure the air coming into the space is clean. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you will want either roof or wall air supply fans.

Selecting the right fans for your commercial kitchen can be a challenge. A great building company can help you determine which fans meet requirements and code, while also helping to keep your kitchen clean, smoke and grease-free and help maintain the temperature.

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