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Wall or Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans For A Healthcare Facility: Which Is Best?

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When it comes to exhaust fan options for your ventilation system, wall mounted and roof mounted vent fans share a number of similarities. Some outstanding features, however, are important to note when installing them for a healthcare facility. How do you know which type is best? We'll take you through the pros and cons below to find out.

Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans: Pros and Cons

A wall mounted venting fan, for the most part, is more aesthetically pleasing than a roof mounted fan. It's also the preferred application if the healthcare facility is located in a cooler snowy climate, as snow build up on a roof mounted fan can cause leaks and potential damage to the drywall and structure around the fan. A wall ventilation fan is also a more secure choice than a window in some circumstances. 

Roof Mounted Venting Fans: Pros and Cons

While wall mounted ventilator fans tend to be the preferred choice among HVAC installers for healthcare facilities, roof mounted exhauster fans have their own unique advantages. A ventilator fan installed in the roof helps reduce air conditioning costs, for example, which is a valuable asset to healthcare facilities. They also may be more effective with heat energy release for healthcare buildings in warmer climates.

What's Your Choice?

If you're currently considering new exhauster fan options for a healthcare building, check with a knowledgeable installer to find out which type of vent fan is right for you. All set to order? Contact us today by calling our professional customer service team, or you can simply place your order on our website for your shopping convenience. We look forward to assisting you whenever you're ready!

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