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What Is The Quietest Whole House Fan?

A whisper-quiet whole house fan is mounted in your home's attic and runs discreetly in the background to reduce the home's temperature and your energy bills. These fans are an energy-efficient way to bring cool outdoor air into the home and exhaust it through roof venting systems. But, those homeowners who make the mistake of buying a budget model attic fan often complain of the noise. So, just what is the quietest whole house fan you can buy?

Quietcool whole house fans are manufactured by QC Manufacturing and are specifically sound-muted by design. Choose a Quiet Cool house fan to fit the square footage of your home to obtain the most efficient and most quiet whole house exhaust and cooling fans on the market. Currently, Quietcool fans are available to exhaust interior spaces that range from 700 to over 3,000 square feet in size.

What Makes a Quiet Fan

A quiet whole fan is one that has the lowest sound ratings. Quietcool is known for it's advanced system of operations which depending on the model you choose may include:

  • A high CFM/Watt-efficiency rating 
  • Remote-control or hardwired applications
  • No joist-cutting or framing required
  • Minimum attic spacing requirements

But, what makes the Quiet Cool whole house fan so quiet is the product's 'sound level in room' ratings, which can be as low as 45 db. This is considered whisper-quiet and is comparable to the level of sound you may hear in a library.  In-home conversations have a sound level of about 50 db. So, unlike other home exhaust fans, you don't have to talk over a Quietcool whole house ceiling fan.

Since the QuietCool whisper quiet whole house fan installs into your attic space, it's an out-of-sight, out-of-mind cooling system. You won’t see it, you will barely hear it, and you will enjoy the cleaner, cooler air, that freely circulates throughout your home. For an additional benefit, depending on the season and how you decide to use your Quiet Cool house fan, you may experience savings of up to 90% off your regular energy bill.

Why Choose Quietcool Whole House Fans?

Homeowners realize the added value to their home when they install a Quiet Cool attic fan. For the added functioning of your home and the increased return on your investment, an attic ventilation fan can be used as the only source of interior cooling for geographical locations where the climate is mild or when the expense of whole-house air conditioning is above the homeowner's budget.

Open windows, fresh air, a constant, cool and quiet breeze, and lower energy bills are just a few reasons why property owners choose Quietcool. This is a Made in America product that carries a 10-15 year warranty. There roof-mounted, cooling applications can also be used for garages, mother-in-law suites, or roof-mounted for business properties. 

Don't waste your money on a loud, whole-house fan that shakes and rattles. Visit us online at Industrial Fans Direct for a wide selection of QuietCool whole house fans to fit your square footage and comfort levels.

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