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What Does an Exhaust Fan Do?

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What Does an Exhaust Fan Do?

From time to time, air in enclosed residential and commercial spaces may become subjected to pollutants and contaminants. Whether a family dinner turned into flames or a factory regularly utilizes chemicals, it’s important to remove these particles from the air with an exhaust fan to ensure individuals are breathing clean, fresh air. This post will cover the specifics of exhaust fans, how they work, benefits, and the different types you may need in your home or commercial space. 

Actions Exhaust Fans Complete

An exhaust fan specifically works to pull pollutants from a room and remove them altogether. Often installed in conjunction with ventilator fans, an exhaust fan helps provide ventilation to the space. Typically found in bathrooms and kitchens, these fans can remove moisture, odors, and smoke quickly and efficiently. 

How Exhaust Fans Work

The motor and blades in an exhaust fan provide the ability to perform smoke and fume extractions from a space. Electricity allows the motor to have enough power to spin the blades. Once the air has been removed from the areas, it is propelled through the exhaust vent and outside of the space. 

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

Aside from keeping breathing air clean of contaminants, exhaust fans have a number of benefits:

  • Quickly remove hot air from enclosed spaces to keep the overall temperature lower without the assistance of an HVAC system.

  • Reduce the possibility of mildew growth by whisking moisture from the air before it sticks to walls or ceilings. 

  • Remove pesky odors and sticky humidity to improve overall indoor air quality. 

  • Filter out stagnant air and create space for cool, air conditioned air to enter. 

When the quality of the air and overall comfort of individuals comes to mind, an exhaust fan is an efficient option for creating the best air possible. 

Types of Exhaust Fans

A variety of exhaust fans exist to cover a range of residential and commercial needs. Some of these fans include: 

  • Bathroom exhaust fans: Used specifically in bathrooms to remove moisture that builds up after a hot shower. 

  • Agriculture ventilation fans: Removes foul odors associated with livestock and other agricultural applications from the air. In addition, these fans prevent moisture buildup.  

  • Explosion proof exhaust fans: This ventilation device removes contaminants from the air while protecting those operating it from an internal blast due to exposure from a combustible air stream.

  • Ducted exhaust fans: Attached to an air duct system, poor quality air is quickly and swiftly removed and vented straight into the air duct. 

Industrial Fans Direct is available to address your every exhaust fan need. Whether you need bathroom exhaust fans and ducted exhaust fans for your home or commercial grade agriculture ventilation fans, we can help find the best product for your application. These fans are crucial for ensuring your family and your employees are breathing in the cleanest air possible. We encourage you to request a quote today or contact our sales team to receive answers to any your questions about our products. 

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