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What is a High Velocity Fan?

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What is a High Velocity Fan?  

High velocity fans move large quantities of air at high speeds. They are often used for cooling, but can also be used to dry out areas that have been flooded, get rid of fumes, and for other such purposes. Because of their many uses, they come in a variety of sizes, mounting methods, and even a few different shapes.

Fans for Cooling People

When the goal is to keep people cool, a high velocity fan can be aimed at the people to get the job done. This is especially effective when the people are lined up in a row, such as on assembly lines or at conveyor belts. Drum fans are often used for this, and some are so well-made for this purpose that they are called mancooler fans.

A variety of mounting options exist for these types of fans. Many sit directly on the floor or on short stands. These are great when the people to be cooled are sitting down, but in standing situations, they can miss the body's center mass. A "miss" greatly reduces their cooling effects. To counter this, some manufacturers put theirs on taller stands so that they can be aimed directly at the torsos of those who need to be cooled. It is also possible to get high velocity fans that mount on the ceiling and blow downwards. These are great for cooling individual workstations or stations that are used by small groups.

Because there is demand for so many mounting styles, you'll find that some companies offer options as a matter of course. AirMax Fans high velocity fans are examples of this.

Fans to Speed Evaporation

While a regular large drum fan can sometimes be used to cause an area to dry up, a small high velocity fan is a much better bet. These are much more portable, so they're favorites of flood remediation companies. When the company gets a call, they can easily drive small fans to the jobsite in their vans and pop them into position upon arrival.

Fans for Fume Control

Companies that work with chemicals, paint, and other sources of noxious fumes need to be able to blow those fumes away as soon as they are produced. For them, the best place to aim a high velocity industrial fan isn't on the workers, but on the fume-producing substance. If the general area is open enough, these fans may be used on their own. Otherwise, they should be used in conjunction with building ventilation fans to ensure that the fumes are carried all the way outside.

As you can see, there are many uses for fans that can move huge amounts of air at high speeds. They can keep a single mechanic cool in an auto repair shop, stop workers from getting heat exhaustion in laundries, and provide needed relief for employees of warehouses. Specialized versions can even provide essential loading dock and truck cooling. Along with these things, they can be used to get rid of fumes, excess water, and other such things.

To see the many possibilities for high velocity fans, check out Industrial Fans Direct. They have a fan for every imaginable industrial or commercial scenario.

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