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What is the Best Fan for a Garage?

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What is the Best Fan for a Garage?  

When thinking of which garage fans you need, the first thing to consider is the type of garage you have. This will typically determine things like the amount of fresh air the space would normally get, and therefore, how much artificial ventilation must be added.

Ventilating an Auto Repair Garage

Large and medium-sized auto repair garages often don't get enough ventilation just from opening their doors. This is especially true in buildings that don't have an open bay door for each bay. In some garages, there is only a single door at each end, and bays are only chosen after a car comes in through one of these. Others have a separate door for each bay, but due to inclement weather or idle bays, they keep most of these doors closed.

In these situations, fans for garage use are often wall mounted. They have shutters to keep unwanted temperatures out when they are not in use. These shutters automatically blow open once the fans kick on.

This type of fan blows fresh air directly into the garage space, and in many cases, drafts can be felt by people standing in the right places. Typically, several will have to be installed to get the needed levels of fresh air.

Ventilating a Parking Garage

This is much more challenging than ventilating a repair facility. In a parking garage with several stories, the entire area can be closed to the outside. When this building design is used, even the level that provides street access is typically thick with car exhaust. There is no doubt that outside ventilation is needed in order to keep the air breathable. Ventilation also reduces the amount of car exhaust that can rise into the building if the garage is in the basement.

For these facilities, exhaust fans must be complemented with fresh air intake fans and redirection systems. This ensures a steady flow of clean air and an equally-steady discharge of CO, CO2, and other car exhaust components.

Which Garage Fan Manufacturers are Best?

The answer depends on which kind of a fan you want to install. We offer fans from several companies, and all have long warranties, the needed electrical listings, and robust operation.

Triangle Engineering garage fans mount into the wall, making them good for repair garages and similar locations. The company also makes drum fans, which are good for providing extra power on busy days. J&D Manufacturing garage fans offer a similar selection, but the company adds a range of big stand fans to its mix. Canarm fans for garages include shutter fans, too, but this company also makes huge ceiling fans and inline duct fans. The ceiling fans can work well in parking garages because they help keep air circulating so that it can be picked up by the exhaust fans. Meanwhile, our fan system specifically meant for parking garages is made by Howden American Fan.

In all cases, you will need to calculate how much air transfer you need before you buy. This will ensure that you get the clean air you seek, no matter which of our manufacturers' products you choose.

To learn more about options for ventilating a garage, check out Industrial Fans Direct.

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