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What Is The Best Misting Fan?

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What Is The Best Misting Fan?

When you have been outside for any period of time, the relief you feel as soon as you step inside a nice cool room that uses air conditioning is incredibly refreshing. While an HVAC unit cannot be used to cool an outdoor space, a water mist fan or evaporative cooler effectively provides the same comfort!

Misting fans and evaporative coolers are wonderful alternatives to AC systems in indoor applications and provide cool air in outdoor spaces. These fans work by taking water from a supply and turning it into a fine mist that evaporates in the air. Once the mist evaporates, the warm outside air is cooled down.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between an evaporative cooler vs misting fan, it comes down to where the two fans can be used. While both provide an effective alternative to traditional cooling systems, a misting fan vs evaporative cooler offers additional cost savings and wider range of use.

In this blog post, we will go over the top three misting fans available that can serve your unique application needs and answer the question, “What is the best misting fan?”

TPI Corporation Mister Fan

Known as “America’s Comfort Conditioning Company,” the TPI Corporation Mister Fan offers superior cooling ability. This 18 inch fan is portable and comes with a 10 gallon cooler that operates as your water supply. Your guests will experience a fog of mist as they pass, instantly cooling the air and providing comfort. This small fan is lightweight and easy to transport.

Ventamatic Cool Draft Mist Fans

The Ventamatic Cool Draft mist fans were built to withstand any application and last for years to come. Made of steel and aluminum construction, this three speed fan efficiently cools guests down as they visit your venue. This fan can withstand the roughest of conditions and comes with a one year warranty. It is recommended to use a dolly or cart to transport this fan throughout your intended space since it is nearly 70 pounds.

J&D Manufacturing Misting Fans

When you need versatility and reliability, you cannot go wrong with J&D Manufacturing misting fans. Their misting fans come with pneumatic wheels to ensure you can easily transport the product from one place to another. In addition, the fans are designed to be high velocity. Your guests will feel a nice gust of cool, refreshing air rather than hot summer heat. With options for a six way hose or a traditional style misting fan model, you will find a product that meets your exact cooling needs.

Regardless of the type of water mist fan you choose to go with for your unique application, you will not find a better selection than what is available at Industrial Fans Direct. If you already have the exact model and size in mind, please request a quote today. Otherwise, contact us with any questions about what fan will meet your specifications and application.

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